Facials & Peels

Our facials make the most of highly energetic plant extracts in the form of essential oils, powerful cell therapies and restorative clay blends, all customised to bring about results. We provide professional advice on any skin concerns you may have and will educate on skincare that is right for you. We use Dermalogica, Image Skincare & USPA


Refresh Facial
Short on time but need a skin pick-me-up? This facial is customised at every step to cater for your specific skin needs – double cleanse, face mapping, steam therapy, power exfoliation, masque therapy & moisturiser.
Includes product recommendation & samples.
40 mins $70 Add on LED extra $55

Signature Facial
A luxury ,relaxing facial experience that includes double cleanse, face mapping, steam therapy, power exfoliation, face & décolletage massage, concentrate serum, masque therapy, hand or foot massage & moisturiser. Emerge feeling wonderful.
includes product recommendations and samples
60 mins $85 Add on LED extra $55

Professional Skin Consultation
(redeemable on products at the time of visit)
30 mins $49

Teenage Facial
Having a teenage facial gives young people the chance to experience clean start by dermalogica while being educated in maintaining skin health. ‘clean start’ products are designed for teenagers fighting breakout. clean start gets results by 1. getting clean 2. taking on issues – breakouts! & 3. protecting skin – with no shine! so give it a try. have a teenage facial and take home a clean start kit and see the results for yourself. great gift idea!
30 mins $75

Microdermabrasion / Hydrabrasion Facial
Give your skin the deepest clean with this exfoliating, smoothing, treatment facial including cleansing AHA/BHA mask, 15 min Microdermabrasion, 15 min sonophoresis infusion of cosmeceutical actives A,B&C, finishing with intensive moisturiser & SPF. Fantastic skin improver!

60 mins $125 Add on LED extra $55


Introducing Image Skincare / Peels
Lift your skin to a new level of health by targeting your skin concern. Image Skincare offers a variety of different peeling solutions for various skin conditions. All of our peelings are formulated in a revolutionary Aloe Vera based gel to simultaneously protect the skin. Whether you want to correct Rosacea, Aging/Wrinkles, Dehydrated, Dull skin, Acne, Rough complexion or Pigmentation Image has a peel and treatment for you. Revive Beauty Therapy has three I Peel specialised resurfacing treatments in salon.

BioSurface Peel
Fight ageing, pigmentation, breakout with NO downtime!!
45 mins $125
Purchase 3 BioSurface peels get 1 FREE $375
Purchase 6 BioSurface peels & get 3 LED light sessions (valued at $240) free $750

Lightening Lift – Pigmentation
Boost the lightening effects of this peel with lactic & kojic acids, plus added retinol for the maximum treatment of even the most stubborn pigmentation
Your complexion will thank you!
60 mins $125

Wrinkle Lift – Ageing
This mega boost anti-aging blend of glycolic and retinol creates the ultimate resurfacing treatment for advanced types of aging skin. Feel the immediate tightening and rejuvenating effects of this peel while the regeneration of new cells increases collagen production to create younger, healthier, and wrinkle-free skin!
60 mins $125

Signature Lift – Dehydrated, Sensitive & Redness
Super effective blend of Vitamin C, Alpha & Beta hydroxy acids, combined with enzymes to speed up cellular turnover.
Lightening, tightening and brightening, for all skin types.
60 mins $125

Perfection Peel – Ageing
This triple effect resurfacing treatment delivers the ultimate in the perfection of your skin! Advanced cases of aging, acne and pigmentation will soak up this revolutionary modernized Jessner’s formula containing high doses of retinol, peptides, plant stem cells, & vitamin C leaving you with that desirable Hollywood glow!
Includes a skin pre-product to treat skin prior to treatment and a 7 day post peel kit.
60 mins $275

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy uses the highly effective and scientifically proven LED ( Light Emitting Diode) technology to significantly reduce signs of ageing and improve notably skin texture and complexion. A session with “Serenity” also affords an easing of stress feelings and a real sense of well-being.
LED light therapy will benefit:

  • Fine lines, wrinkles & increases collagen & elastin
  • Acne, pimples & acne scarring
  • Pigmentation – brown & red spots
  • Sun damage skin & skin Firming
  • Rosacea, redness & inflammation
  • Eczema / dermatitis & sometimes psoriasis
  • Scarring & wound healing

“LED” Treatments gradually and durably repair the skin surface and effectively combat the visible signs of acne, stretch marks and ageing

LED therapy: is a process that manipulates or regulates cell activity using light sources without thermal effect to the skin.
Serenity is the only LED device that combines red and blue light with infrared rays for optimal result.
The infrared light activates blood circulation by dilating vessels, promotes hydration and open up pores which in turn allows cosmetic creams and skin care products to be more efficiently absorbed for deep reaching benefits.
The red light stimulates and enhances elastin and collagen production, thus perceptibly improving skin texture and tone, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, reduces redness and improves skin tolerance against the harmful effects of pollution.
The blue light is antiseptic and astringent, it lightens skin blemishes and imperfections, helps combat the cause of acne, clears up spots and pimples by destroying the germs that causes them and accelerates the healing process of acne scars. The combination of the lights and the infrared rays also prepares the skin to really benefit from skin treatments.

6 treatments $390

single treatment 40 mins $80

*Prices are subject to change