Hands & Feet

Regular manicures and pedicures will enhance the health of your skin, fingernails and toenails, promoting faster growth and maintaining well moisturised cuticles. Nothing looks better than clean well-maintained fingernails and freshly painted toenails in summer.

Hand Maintenance


File $10

Polish – Colour or French $15

File, Buff & Polish $30

add French Polish $10

OPI Gel Colour ‘no chip’ Polish $20

OPI Wrap Soak-off $15

Deluxe Manicure – 40 mins $45

Includes soaking & filing of the nails, cuticle treatment, hand exfoliation & moisture therapy, buff & polish with OPI lacquer

with Gel Colour $60

with Soak-Off $65

Luxury Manicure – 60mins $65

Includes soaking & filing of the nails, cuticle treatment, hand & lower arm exfoliation, hand crème, hot paraffin moisture bath, buff & polish with OPI lacquer.

with Gel Colour $80

Acrylic/Gel Nails – 70 mins $80

Refills with OPI Gel COlour – 60 mins $65

extra repair $5-$10

Foot Maintenance


File $15

File, Buff & Polish Toes – 15 mins $30

add French Polish $10

add OPI Gel Colour  ‘no chip’ Polish $20

Deluxe Pedicure – 40 mins $55

Invigorating soak followed by a foot pumice scrub to relieve tired and overworked feet. Cuticle care, nail file and removal of dead callous skin. Complete with foot moisture therapy and OPI lacquer.

add OPI Gel Colour  ‘no chip’ Polish $20

Luxury Pedicure – 60 mins $70

The ultimate treatment to relieve tired and neglected feet. Feet are soaked and invigorated using organic wild thyme, promoting circulation and exfoliation. Nails filed, cuticles treated, callous skin removed and feet massaged. The feet are infused in a paraffin treatment leaving them super soft and hydrated. OPI lacquer is applied

add OPI Gel Colour ‘no chip’ Polish $20

add Callus Peel $25

*Prices are subject to change