Kinesiology & Nutritional Advisor

My name is Debby Peters and I am a Kinesiologist and I am also currently studying Nutrition.

We all want great health but sometimes struggle from time to time and need a little help and guidance.  The combination of Kinesiology and Nutrition is invaluable.  To have the nutritional knowledge and the power of kinesiology combined will be one of the most powerful ways you’ll discover to improve your health. “Healthy You” inside and out? Yes please!!!


Kinesiology is a non-invasive and effective form of complementary therapy.  Through gentle muscle testing we can find out where blockages occur in the body and then find the priority tool to clear them.  This will assist the body to reduce stress, heal itself, and improve a person’s health, wellbeing and bring overall positive changes to a person’s mind, body and spirit.


It is my passion to educate my clients on the best nutrition for them, with the knowledge that every person is an individual and there is no one diet, or as I prefer to call it “lifestyle”, fits all.  The word diet is quite ugly and so many people are scared of it, or always on it.  What if you could have optimal health without dieting, no calorie counting, no weighing of foods, just eating good wholefoods that our bodies crave for?

This education combined with the power of Kinesiology to help you implement new tools and information will enable you to create a joyful, healthy and fulfilled life and be your best version of “you”!

Some of the benefits of Kinesiology and/or nutrition are:

  • Clearing Allergies
  • Past and present stress release
  • Anxiety and/or Depression
  • Nutrition and/or Sensitivities
  • Pain reduction, physical or emotional
  • Improve energy and vitality
  • Personal development
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Weight loss
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Overcome learning difficulties
  • Muscular disorders
  • To attain ones full potential


Thursdays at Revive Beauty & Spa, Shop 5, 33-39 McBride Ave, Wontahggi (Ph: 5672 3800)

Tuesdays or Wednesdays at Healthy You, 31 Potter Road, Leongatha (Ph: 0408 039 079)


60 minutes $100 (Students $80)