About Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a natural and holistic approach to health care which takes into account the importance of treating the whole person – including mental, emotional, physical and social elements that maybe impacting on our wellbeing.


In synergy with nature, Naturopaths can use a range of evidenced based and traditional techniques and modalities to harmoniously assist the body’s natural healing process, towards a greater balance within. These can include dietary or lifestyle counseling; herbal and nutritional medicines; homoeopathy and flower essence therapy.


Naturopathy is an excellent treatment for acute and chronic conditions as well as preventative care, for people of all ages from children to the elderly, and can be used complimentary to medical care. By educating and empowering you to take an active role in your own health, you are guided to build a lifestyle that supports you and your family’s wellbeing.


About Naturopath Emily Sarkies

Emily has always had a strong urge to work in alignment with nature, to promote better living. Motivated by her own health journey and the benefits achieved from complimentary natural therapies, she transitioned from a Pharmacy background to complete a Naturopathy degree and Bachelor in Health Science. Passionate about furthering her education, she then went onto travel the world, gaining diverse experience in all facets of health care.


Practicing now for nearly a decade, her Naturopathy care brings all of this experience together to share with her patients – providing unique perspective and insight, to enable a positive association with their individual health journey.


A love for our beautiful South Gippsland coast, Emily now balances her busy city practice, with us at Revive Wellness. She is constantly inspired by listening to people’s health stories and passionate about supporting a greater sense of wellbeing in everyone she meets.


Emily enjoys treating a variety of conditions and has developed a personal interest to support mental health & emotional wellbeing (to better manage stress; disordered sleep; anxiety; hormone imbalance and low mood states). She currently works alongside a national natural allergy relief clinic and also supports patient experience for a major city health group specialising in fertility, preconception and pregnancy care. Emily is looking forward to bringing these expertise, to our community.


What to expect in your Naturopathy consultation?

An initial consultation with Emily, provides a supportive environment for her to learn your health story. Usually a 1-hour chat over a warming tea, she listens and reviews all the aspects of your life and health that have led you to how you feel today. In viewing the body as a whole, she’ll explore all the body systems and how they are contributing to your current health picture. She may perform some in-house diagnostics; review current pathology or refer for further testing (if required) as well as review current dietary; medication and supplement intake.


From all of this information, a comprehensive Report of Findings is presented at an inclusive follow up time – collaboratively with you to ensure any treatment plan is sustainable in your life (to be better for the rest): 


‘This is what we found; this is why you are feeling this way and this is what we can do to uncover a greater balance within’


Emily works to shine light on areas of your health that may have been shadowed – where often a simple change can make the biggest difference. In acknowledging that it really does ‘take a village to be a human being’, Emily enjoys working complimentary with other health care practitioners including the wonderful team at Revive Wellness to support you, as a whole.


She happily applies concession rates and where possible prescribes local, ethical and environmentally conscious prescriptions. Here at Revive, she has a wonderful medicinal herbal dispensary, and enjoys making custom mixes for her patients to often be prescribed alongside lifestyle, dietary and nutritional support, to be well.


Emily Sarkies 

BHSc – Naturopathy, NHAA 


Yoga Practitioner

Natural Fertility Educator

Mind-Body Practitioner (for allergy relief)


You are warmly welcome to contact Emily for further guidance on 0450 699 818 or pop into Revive Wellness for further information. Bookings are essential and can be made online (Emily Sarkies Naturopath) or through Revive Beauty & Spa.



Consultation Costs:

  • Initial (60 minute) Consultation: $120 (this includes your Treatment Plan + Report of Findings Follow Up)
  • Follow Up (45 minute) Consultation: $68


HICAPS is available at Revive for health fund rebates.

Concession rates are also considered.