Permanent Hair Reduction SIPL

Permanent Hair Reduction SIPL (Square Intense pulsed light)

Give up waxing & shaving forever! adopt this new modern & efficient hair management system the 21st century way.
How does it work and is it permanent?

Pulsed light systems work by emitting pulses of intense light via a glass prism to desired areas. hair containing pigment (melanin) absorbs the light converting it to heat. the heat is led down through hair follicle, which is then destroyed & rendered unable to produce new hair. a percentage of the hairs will not grow back at all while others may grow back thinner & lighter in colour. it depends on the hair growth cycle.

Does it hurt?

In general, the sensation is that of an elastic band snapped against the skin. for most people, a lot less painful than waxing.

Does it work on me?

Any area of the face & body can be treated with pulsed light. The darker the hair, the richer the melanin and the better the result. light & fine hairs are more difficult to eliminate, and may not be possible.

The sessions are rapid, virtually painless and results are 2 to 3 times more durable than waxing. over a number of sessions, the hair diminishes. the remaining hairs thins & their growth becomes slower. progressively, unsightly hairs in the treated area disappear. after this, maintenance sessions from time to time are necessary depending on the individual.

Lip $35
Chin from $45
Full Face from $80
Underarms from $60
Standard Bikini from $60
G-String Bikini from $80
Brazilian from $125

Lower Legs from $200
Upper Legs from $230
Full Legs from $300
Chest / Abdomen from $195
Torso – Full Back from $225
Torso – Full Front from $225
Half Arm from $160

*Prices are subject to change